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MERCEDES Video in Motion TV Free S C GLC Viano W205, W222, C217, V447, X253 No Wires

MERCEDES Video in Motion TV Free S C GLC Viano W205, W222, C217, V447, X253 No Wires
MERCEDES Video in Motion TV Free S C GLC Viano W205, W222, C217, V447, X253 No Wires

MERCEDES Video in Motion TV Free S C GLC Viano W205, W222, C217, V447, X253 No Wires

MERCEDES COMAND Online Video in motion unlock interface for W205 C-class / W222 S-class/ C217 / Viano V447 / GLC X253. BEFORE YOU ASK ANY QUESTION.



This OBD2 Plug interface allows to activate the video tv and internet connection while car is in motion for factory fitted DVD, DTV or retrofitted video sources on Mercedes COMAND ONLINE NTG5 Mercedes S-Class W222 /V222/C217 head units as well as on NEW C-Class W205 COMAND NTG5 and NEW 2015 Viano V447. Tested to work with USA, Canada, Australian, European and Japan version of Mercedeses.

Watch TV/DVD/USB/SDCard and all the video sources while car is in motion. Has NO big bulky box for electronix at ALL - see picture. Only plug to diagnostics OBD2 port and wait messages on a COMAND display, after VIM is ON just remove module till you need it next time to turn VIM OFF or ON. ANY TIME YOU CAN REVERT TO THE FACTORY SETTINGS BEFORE YOU GO TO the DEALER - JUST PLUG MODULE ONE MORE TIME and observe COMAND screen.

Important: You can continue use navigation while VIM is active. This interface has NO affect on navigation at all, module will work only at the car where it was used first. Not possible to activate different car when it was used even ones. Kindly do not let your dealer to update your COMAND head unit firmware to the latest one, as this can prevent Video-in-motion feature and you will be not able to activate this again anymore.

You can update maps and any other control units no problem. But NOT THE COMAND firmware. This interface will work for the following Mercedes COMAND radio/navigation system.

S-class - W222 till 07/2017. S-class - V222 till 07/2017. NEW C-Class - W205 till 12/2017.

NEW GLC-Class- X253 till 09/2017. Turn your ignition (ACC position 2) On but DO NOT START THE MOTOR. Wait minimum 60 seconds till audio head unit totally booted.

Plug module to the diagnostic socket under the dash (also called OBD2). Observe your audio head unit screen for messages. Then you will see HWID: xxxxxxx - your audio head unit serial number.

Then you see message "Succesful, xxxxxxxxx". Audio20 will be rebooted - means activation finished.

Remove module from diagnostis socket. OPERATION MANUAL (2 or more functions with one module). Turn ignition on (ACC position 2) but DO NOT START THE MOTOR!! Wait till audio head unit will be totally booted (60 seconds). Switch audio unit to the radio mode (press RADIO button).

Plug module to OBD2 disgnostic socket. You will see "unlock more features" or other message. Here you need to select the function you need to apply. To select function please use.

At the cars with NO COMAND numeric buttons - use controller rotation left and right and confirm with pressing controller down. At the car with COMAND head unit numeric buttons - use. > COMAND buttons and confirm with (star) button or at NTG4.5 hear unit with COMAND ON button. Rotate controller till you see the function you'd like to activate (for example 1> VIM for HU5s2). Confirm with pressing controller knob down or button at COMAND.

And other messages that means activation started. Then you see the message "Successful, xxxxxxxx" = activation finished. SEE VIDEO HOW TO USE MULTY-FUNCTION module at cars.

With NO NUMERIC PAD at the audio head unit. Where you have NUMERIC PAD at audio head unit. On Mercedeses with COMAND ONLINE VIM is not affect on navigation at all - so you totally do not need to turn in ON and OFF (but still you can do that). To turn VIM interface ON and OFF you have to plug module one more time - and it will revert your car to the factory state. Next time you can use it again and again.

READ THIS AFTER YOU SUCCESFULLY unlocked Video-in-motion!! I do not recommend you to let your dealer to make a software update of your COMAND or Audio 20 head unit as ANY TIME IN THE FUTURE Daimler can close possibility of that activation.

Y ou are warned now. We do NOT accept the return by the item nature. After you use an item, the activation is permanent and you have nothing to return. But we accept the return in case of damaged or non working items, in that case we ask for a video showing the activation process where we can clearly see that the item is defective or requested function or functions become not activated. The item "MERCEDES Video in Motion TV Free S C GLC Viano W205, W222, C217, V447, X253 No Wires" is in sale since Monday, June 3, 2013.

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  • Manufacturer Part Number: VIM-5.0-P-and-P
  • Brand: CanFilterMB

MERCEDES Video in Motion TV Free S C GLC Viano W205, W222, C217, V447, X253 No Wires